8 Obstacles. 3 tries per obstacle. For each obstacle completed you will recieve one card. Make your own hand with your best 5 cards. Jokers wild. 4 decks of cards in use. 
$25 entry fee.
Barn keeps $5. 
$10 goes into pot for highest hand. (See end of post)
$10 goes into pot for highest score of all cards you hold-to be determined as follows: Jokers worth 20. Ace of Hearts 17. Ace of Diamonds 16. Ace of Clubs 15. Ace of Spades 14. All Kings 13. All Queens 12. All Jacks 11. 10-2 are face value.
NO EXCHANGING CARDS WITH FRIENDS! Obstacle judges will record the cards you pull and they MUST match the winning hands.
All non-winning riders will be entered in a drawing for a free one month pass to Finnigan Farms.
MUST pre-register and prepay by August 2. Gates open at 9. 10-12 ride course/BBQ. (Food/drinks available for purchase.) Riders will be sent out in groups-a schedule will be posted on Facebook August 3 at 7 PM.
12:15 Sit down in arena to play your hand.
Highest hand (Your 5 best cards) Playing by poker rules.
Five of a Kind
Royal Straight Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
3 of a Kind.
Two pairs.
One pair.
*Note: if there is a tie for highest hand jackpot-winner will be determined by pulling 1 card from deck and using same point system as highest score above.