At our Natural Solutions Camp we talk with each participant the first morning to see what their goals and/or challenges with their horse are. Then we use exercises and patterns to help them develope great communication and partnerships with their horses. We're able to help with competition goals, pleasure riding, and young horse development. For more info find us on Facebook: For The Horse Ranch.

Limited to 15 participants.
Cost $450 for 3 days. Plus $60 arena fee for 3 days, $80 for 4 days. Contact Jennifer at 1-417-399-4146 to reserve a spot and make a deposit.

Additional fees per day paid to Finnigan Farms: Stalls $15, electri/water hookups $25 (7 available)
Additional accomodations: Finnigan has 3 rooms with queen beds available to rent, $35 each per day. Reserve rooms/hookups/stalls by calling 417-449-5354 and pushing extention 1 for Kim Piddington. Payment in advance through PayPal is appreciated, or check/cash at time of sign in.

Other accomodations nearby
Blackberry Creek Inn (2 minutes)
Holiday Inn Express in Marshfield (20 minutes)
Sper 8 in Strafford (26 minutes)
Many hotels in Springfield are approx. a 30 minute drive