Have you always wanted to learn to jump, or need to improve your jumping skills? Join us once a month for lessons or open jump!
Semi- private lessons ( 2 people per time slot) with our trainer Cameron Russell $20
Slots available: 11-12, 12-2, 1-2.
You may stay/return for open jump, held 2-5, at no additional cost.
Must be comfortable at walk, trot, canter.
Cameron will cover the three different positions before, while going over, and after a jump.
A horse learns to jump with gradual increases. Will start with some ground poles,then some crossrails, then verticals!
English or Western saddle. ( Be aware a large horn will poke you in stomach)
Open Jumping 2-5 Cost $10
10 jumps.
2-3 pm nothing over 2’3”
3-4 pm nothing over 2’9”
4-5 nothing over 3’3”
Additional dates: 6/15, 7/20, 8/17, 9/14, 10/19
Current coggins and helmets a must!